Every resident in the Lakemont Subdivision are members of the Homeowner Association (HOA).

The operations of the HOA are governed by a board of volunteer directors which makes up the Board of Trustees who are dedicated to the promotion of a safe and harmonious environment.

It is important for the HOA to insure that the appearance of Lakemont properties are properly maintained, and improved, to preserve the investment that the individual homeowners have made within the community.

The directors on the board are elected by the community to oversee the HOA’s established covenants and bylaws, financial responsibilities and the safety of our residents. We invite you to review the bylaws and deed restrictions here and get to know the provisions regarding what can, and cannot, be done on your property.

HOA Dues & Budget

The budget and dues are voted on by the HOA membership. These dues are used for maintenance of the common area, islands, bridge and park and for other costs associated with running the Homeowners Association.

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ACC & Exterior Remodeling

Notify the ACC | lakemontarchitect@gmail.com

The HOA has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to help maintain the quality of the neighborhood and is responsible for enforcing the deed restrictions in all 5 plats

Modifications to the exterior of your home and property should be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval prior to work being started to avoid any issues.

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Contact the HOA Board of Directors.