Important Documents

Did you know the Lakemont Subdivision is separated into 5 plats? Our community was developed in different phases, by different developers, which is the reason why we have multiple Plat Regulations.

Plat Regulations

Find your Plat here and then download your Plat Regulations below.Lakemont Plat Map

Articles of Incorporation

Code of Regulations

HOA Dues & Budget

The budget and dues are voted on by the HOA membership. These dues are used for maintenance of the common area, islands, bridge and park and for other costs associated with running the Homeowners Association.

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ACC & Exterior Remodeling

Notify the ACC |

The HOA has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to help maintain the quality of the neighborhood and is responsible for enforcing the deed restrictions in all 5 plats

Modifications to the exterior of your home and property should be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval prior to work being started to avoid any issues.

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Amendments to Deed Restrictions

During the Fall 2017 HOA meeting, a number of members requested more information on how to make changes to the deed restrictions. In efforts to help identify the process to make changes, the HOA Board reached out to Marvin A. Robon, the lawyer who has been hired to represent the Lakemont HOA.

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Resident Resources

Hello neighbor! Check out the Resident Resources page to learn about utility providers and answers to your frequently asked questions.

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