Architectural Control Committee

As a homeowner, you may have ideas on how you would like to improve your property and we love when our neighbors take pride in their home. Please keep in mind the HOA has an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to help maintain the quality of the neighborhood.

Notify the ACC |
This committee will only respond to written questions or complaints regarding the restrictions, that are emailed to the ACC or using the form below. All correspondence to the ACC is kept strictly confidential.

Some examples include:
The ACC’s function is to evaluate the plans for all exterior repairs, landscaping and remodel projects to ensure compliance with all bylaws and covenants, including but not limited to:

  • Exterior changes to the home such as color or additions
  • Installation of a new fence or changes to an existing fence
  • Shed added to the property – Only permitted on Plat 1
  • Mailbox changes – Must be made out of wood

When in doubt, contact the ACC
The purpose of the ACC review is to protect our scenic environment and to maintain the value of our homes. Modifications to the exterior of your home and property should be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for approval prior to work being started to avoid any issues.

Submit your Request

It is not the ACCs responsibility to police the neighborhood. They rely on neighbors to report infractions if they see them. If an HOA member sees a violation in the neighborhood, they can file a complaint and the ACC will look into the matter and respond accordingly. Please send an email to and include the address and a detailed description. The Lakemont ACC does not disclose information about individuals who file a complaint but they do keep records of all complaints made.